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Palouse, Washington





Palouse, Washington is a photographers dream! Located in the southern-eastern corner of Washington, this region is amazing to see. Named one of the seven wonders of Washington, you'll soon understand why. Palouse is filled with rolling hills that are especially beautiful during sunset. When the light hits the hills at the right moment, it looks like you have entered a different world. You could defintely say I enjoyed taking photos here. 

Day One

The drive to Portland, OR to Palouse, WA

Our first day, we traveled from Portland, OR to Viola, ID. We decided to take the long route and drive through the Wallowas. If you have never traveled this part of Oregon, I suggest that you go! The Wallowa forest and mountains are an incredible site to see. Just a little past the Oregon/Washington boarder there is a crazy windy road on highway 129. Be aware you might get car sick. But the views are worth it.

We stayed at an AirBnb in Viola, ID called Grazing Hills Alpaca Ranch. Viola, ID is only a 10 minute drive to Palouse, WA.

Grazing Hills Alpaca Ranch was the best AirBnb ever!!! The alpaca decor is absolutely adorable. Not to mention you get a great view of the Alpacas from the room. The host Katie, went over the top with the amount of breakfast food she provided. Let's just say we were happily full throughout our trip. Would recommend this AirBnb to anyone! You'll be delighted by all the little accommodations Katie provides. From photo maps to band aids, Katie has everything you could every need. 

After taking a ton of alpaca photos, we headed out to some landscape photography around Palouse.

There are so many fantastic spots to photography in the Palouse area. Check out these spots on my Google Maps!


All of these places have something special to shoot. If its from a red barn to an abandoned house, you'll love all Palouse has to offer. If you click this image, you will go directly to my Palouse Google Maps. Press each icon and a description or image will pop up.

Steptoe Butte

State Park

Steptoe Butte State Park was my favorite spot on my Palouse trip. This is where you will see a lot of photographers. I suggest getting there 2 hours before sunrise or sunset. That way you can scout out all the good spots, and there are a lot of good spots. 

This was one of my better photos taken on Steptoe Butte. Be sure to bring a big telephoto lens. You will have a lot of opportunity to use it!

After the sunset, we headed back to our Airbnb in Viola, ID. 

Day Two

We slept in the second day. Ate the delicious breakfast provided by our Airbnb and then headed out for a day of photos.

Even though Palouse has breathtaking landscape views. There are also fantastic abstract opportunities. Don't just do the traditional landscape photos. Try something different! You might be surprised of the out come.

Here is another example to trying something different. There are always multiples views to every shot. Don't be satisfied with just one!

Skyline Drive

We decided to take a detour and drive up Skyline Drive in McCroskey State Park. If you have a 4 wheel drive car, you will absolutely love this drive. Expect dirt roads, wildlife, and sometimes fallen trees on the road. 

We were really lucky to see a adolescent moose. I didn't even know there were mooses in western Idaho. But they are there and was it awesome to see! We also found a really cool, secluded camping spot on the top of McCroskey State Park. Would love to come back and camp here. 

We headed down the mountain and started driving to Pullman, WA.

Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe

Before we headed up to Kamiak Butte we stopped by Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe. This is a must! You get to stand in line and have cheese samples and ice cream. If you cheese or ice cream you will absolutely loovee this place. Try the cheese curds, those were my favorite!

Next stop Kamiak Butte! This was a little tricky location. We decided to see our second sunset at Kamiak Butte. We left two hours before sunset to get there. We arrived just over an hour from sunset. What I didn't take into account is the trail you have to hike up to the top. The hike itself wasn't too hard. But running up it with camera gear and no water, really put a downer on the whole experience. So with that, plan ahead! The park closes at sunset, so you also need to consider that. They do close the gates so it would be afful to get locked in for a night.