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Day Six

Day Six was a very busy day. We drove into Page, Arizona, where I had a photography tour with Chief Tsosle's Antelope Slot Canyon Tours. This tour was the BOMB! I decided to take the "Photo Tour" they offer, rather than the regular tour (because I could take a tripod). To get the light rays, I selected the 11 am tour time. When I arrived at the tour company, I was a little skeptical. It was a very small building with a ton of tourist outside. They started to gather all the people with camera's into one car. My group was a total of 6. I had a very nice driver/guide who let me sit up front. The drive into Upper Antelope Canyon was a little bumping.

Upper Antelope Canyon, is always busy. Especially during the light ray hours. Since I paid for the photo tour, we were able to get a couple moments were they stopped the traffic inside the canyon. This was probably the best thing about this tour. My guide would hold people back. Letting me get those perfect shots. He even threw sand up in the air to get more distinction in the light rays.

Antelope Canyon


I love how these photos turned out. This one above is my all time favorite.

After my tour ended, we decided to drive around Page, Arizona. We stopped by the Glen Canyon Dam. What a site to see!

After driving around a little we decided to head back to Lake Powell and catch some sun rays. Lake Powell's beaches are almost as perfect as the ocean. We went on a day that was sunny and 80 degrees. Perfect droning weather. 

Big John's Texas BBQ Dinner.
Big John's Texas BBQ Sign

We were starving by the end of our day. So we stopped at Big John's Texas BBQ and it was amazing! If you like Texan BBQ stop at this place on the way through Page. The serivce was okay but the quality of the food definitely made up for it.

Next stop was Horseshoe Bend. This famous landmark is located on the Colorado River near Page, Az. It is a very popular photography destination, so I knew I just had to go.

Yeah.... there was a lot of bugs

After the sun went down, we went to Cactus Rose Bed & Breakfast for the night. I have to say, I'm not used to B&B's. Especially with the owners who live in the house. I know I am weird. I was sheltered as a kid. Cactus Rose had a nice old couple who take cares of the place. It was a fine enough place, but I kept getting the heebie jeebies. It had a great price for one night tho! 

Outside view of Cactus Rose Bed & Breakfast
Cactus Rose Bed & Breakfast Kokopelli Room

Day Seven


We woke up early and headed out to Monument Valley. Just a two hour drive.

Google Map of Cactus Rose B&B to Monument Valley.



Monument Valley was such a blast! I would love to go back and explore more. There is so much so see. If you look above you can tell all the different names of the buttes. I swear they just keep on going on and on.



After we had seen a lot of Monument Valley, we decided to head over to our hotel in St. George, Utah. Around a 4 and half hour drive.

Google Map of Monument Valley to Seven Wives Inn Bed & Breakfast

We arrived at Seven Wives Inn Bed & Breakfast around 4 pm on May 12th. This B&B has such interesting history. This house was build in 1873 by Edwin Woolley, a secret polygamist. It is said that he used to hide other polygamists in his attic when it was outlawed in 1882. One of these polygamists actually had seven wives, hence the name. I have to say I loved staying at the Seven Wives Inn. We originally reserved Rachel's room, but the inn keeper was so nice and decided to upgrade us to Melissa's room ( a full suite). I would recommend this B&B to anyone!

After we got everything unpacked and plugged in, we decided to walk down the street to George's. I had a tasty taco salad, and a very low percent alcohol beer. Its crazy to think that Utah's beer cannot be higher than 3.2% alcohol. 

George's Corner Taco Salad
George's Corner Restaurant & Pub